‘Weah Gov’t Does not Intend to Arbitrarily Dismiss Government Employees,’ Says Asst. Information Minister


Washington, D.C. – June 27, 2018: The Assistant Minister for Information Services at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, Hon. Samuel Worzie, says the new administration of President George Manneh Weah does not intend to arbitrarily dismiss government employees from their jobs. According to a dispatch from the Liberian Embassy in Washington, Minister Worzie was speaking on June 26, 2018, when he met with the Ambassador and staff of the Embassy of Liberia in the United States. He was in Washington at the beginning of a tour of several Liberian embassies and missions abroad to inform the staff about the Government of Liberia’s Pro-Poor Agenda.Minister Worzie indicated that the Weah administration is not interested in taking government employee from their jobs. However, he added, President Weah would like for all those employed by the Government of Liberia to demonstrate commitment to duty and patriotism to country.“The CDC Government is not interested in taking people’s jobs,” he said, adding: “there will be no witch-hunting; with the elections over, it is time for all Liberians to join hands in rebuilding our country.”Minister Worzie noted that the government’s Pro-Poor Policy, which is being formulated, is based on four pillars as follows: economic development and job creation, security, infrastructure development, and governance.He emphasized that the government has decided to prioritize the construction of roads throughout the country, and he added that plans have begun to construct a coastal highway that would connect various parts of Liberia.Minister Worzie pointed out that the Pro-Poor strategy is to increase employment and job security, as well as domestic food production, among other programs intended to lift the Liberian people out of poverty.As a manifestation of President Weah’s commitment to improve the conditions of Liberian youth, he said 15 multi-purpose youth recreation centers are planned to be constructed in various parts of the country.He also reaffirmed President Weah’s commitment to working with the Liberian Diaspora community so as to ensure Diaspora Liberians’ active involvement in the development process of Liberia. Minister Worzie lauded Ambassador Lois C. Brutus and the staff of the Liberian Embassy near Washington for their dedication and services in the interest of Liberia.Earlier, Ambassador Brutus welcomed Minister Worzie, and assured that the staff at the Embassy will continue to work diligently in the interest of Liberia.The meeting was also characterized by questions and answers and a healthy exchange of ideas between Minister Worzie and the Embassy staff.


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