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Liberia and Ghana Bilateral Relations

Liberia and Ghana bilateral relations extend to the days of Liberia and the Gold Coast when Liberia played a pivotal role in Ghana achieving her independence in 1957.   One of his first trips abroad by the first president of Ghana was to Liberia when in 1957 President William V.S. Tubman extended an invitation to President Kwame Nkrumah to pay a State Visit to Liberia where he was given the highest honor by the three branches of the Government of the Republic, the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.                  

Cognizant of its responsibilities as Africa’s the first republic to provide assistance, both financial and moral, in fostering the independence efforts of the other nations of the continent, and assured that Ghana shared a similar vision of support for the liberation struggle of the continent, in 1959, Liberia invited the presidents of the only two independent republics – Ghana and Guinea – to the first West African Summit in Sanniquellie, Liberia, from July 15 – 19 to commence talks which led to the creation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) now African Union.     

Over the decades, indeed from the late 1950’s to the late 1980’s, Liberia championed the cause of liberation throughout the continent and was therefore overwhelmingly grateful to countries like Ghana for the sacrifices in material and human lives made to ensure the return of peace to Liberia.  The gallantry and bravery Ghana displayed during its pivotal role to restore peace and stability to Liberia is emblematic of the close and historic ties that have existed between the two countries and peoples.   Liberia has and shall always cherish the harmonious and rewarding relations which have continued to subsist between the two countries and peoples.

Liberia – Ghana relationship is not characterized by mere abstraction, as it has over the years witnessed the co-habitation, cultural exchanges, intermarriages and trade amongst the two peoples with the large Liberian and Ghanaian communities in the respective countries a manifestation of this reality.

The excellent bilateral relation between Liberia and Ghana is self-evident by the number of times over the years the Heads of State of the two countries have visited each other country.    As did President Kwame Nkrumah following his ascension to the presidency, the first State Visit made by President George Manneh Weah, after winning the presidency, was to Ghana at the invitation of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who, a few months prior, was in Monrovia attending President Weah’s inaugural. 

In furtherance of the great fraternal relations between the two countries, Ambassador Kennedy has expressed the determination to exert all efforts as Liberia’s Ambassador to Ghana, to strengthen cooperation between the two countries and the friendship between the two peoples.   In a pledge when delivering her Letters of Credence to the President of the Republic of Ghana, Ambassador Kennedy promised that under her stewardship, she would work tirelessly to promote the confidence and mutual trust that Liberia and Ghana have nurtured over the years as the foundation for addressing common challenges to development.  The Embassy has and continues to receive full cooperation from the Government of Ghana through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration. 


Public holidays of the Republic of Liberia




January 1

 New Year’s Day

February 11

 Armed Forces Day

Second Wednesday of March

      Decoration Day

Day to decorate the graves of ancestors.

March 15

 J.J. Roberts’ Birthday

Day to celebrate the Birthday of the First president of Liberia

Second Friday of April

  Fast and       Prayer Day

Many Christian celebrations which are considered as holy days are being celebrated and honored in Liberia with immense pride and practice. The people of Liberia have high regards into recognizing the Creator and ask for spiritual guidance and safety.

One incident in the history of Liberia which sparked the proclamation of this day of prayer and fasting was the political crisis that happened between Liberia and the British colonial parents of Sierra Leone during the 1800s. Because of the past national crises and surprising tragedies that came by the country, the Liberians realized the importance of dedicating of even just once a day each year to ask for the grace of the Lord and spare them many more years of strength and survival.

Making the first step for the declaration of this holiday, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf along with the legislative branch of its republic, enacted a bill proposing the second Friday of April to be a National Day of Fast and Prayer. The holiday will also be a national holiday for National Safety and Welfare.

May 14

National Unification Day

National Unification Day was declared a public holiday in Liberia in 1960 to honor the historic change brought about by President Tubman.   National Unification Day at least provides an opportunity to stress the need for the nation to unite further and to celebrate the progress that has already been achieved.

July 26

Independence Day

The Liberian Declaration of Independence is a document adopted by the Liberian Constitutional Convention on July 16, 1847 to announce that the Commonwealth of Liberia, a colony founded and controlled by the private American Colonization Society, was now an independent state known as the Republic of Liberia.

August 24

Flag Day

The holiday was first observed in an 1847 convention when the founding fathers approved the flag’s design along with establishing the new republic.

First Thursday of November


November 29

William Tubman’s Birthday

The Birthday commemoration of the longest serving President in Liberia

December 25